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Perfume oils

Perfume oil is a concentrated version of an Eau de Parfum spray, only without the alcohol base. This makes it a great option for people with sensitive skin, and, of course, the ordinary perfume user as well. Our scents come in a sleek and elegant 10 ml roll-on bottle which makes it easy to carry with you throughout the day. All UNIFROMs fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free.

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A series of home goods crafted to add serenity and joy to your home. Lighting incense is common inside the homes of people of the diaspora, and Unifrom™ invites you to become a part of the beautiful experience of incense by introducing a collection of six carefully produced incense sticks for you to lighten up and enjoy. 

Solid Perfume

Solid perfume is a historical fragrance format that dates back to ancient Egypt. To the modern-day user, it’s a softer and more intimate way to perfume. The wax-based formula is applied similarly to a lip balm, where the scent is massaged onto your skin. Instead of creating a cloud of scent, solid perfume leaves subtle whiffs of scent on your wrist and neck.