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Smell before you choose,

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The Starter Kit

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“How A Luxury Fragrance House Found Inspiration In The ‘Projects’ Of Stockholm”

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Perfume oil is a concentrated version of an Eau de Parfum spray, only without the alcohol base. This makes it a great option for people with sensitive skin, and, of course, the ordinary perfume user as well.

Our Bestsellers

Six small vials of perfumes on a white background with usage instructions.
Testpack – All

7 x 1 ml

Can't decide which scent will fit you? Order them all and try them in the comfort of your home. Get a 10% discount when ordering a full-size version.


UNIFORM perfume oil with a rollerball applicator, shown with an open cap and oil circles in the background.
Maghrib – Perfume Oil

Apple, Tobacco & Sandalwood

A shisha inspired apple flavor accord, with a spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and pepper. The base unfolds into a leather and woody tobacco. 


Silver rollerball perfume bottle with 'UNIFORM' text, against a background with yellow liquid drops.
Cannabloom – Perfume Oil

Grapefruit, Cannabis & Myrrh

The earthy, green and fruity aspects of cannabis captured. Tart and syrupy fruit unfolding into a woody and musky dry down.


Silver perfume oil roller with cap, against a light circular background.
Cassis – Perfume Oil

Plum, Coconut & Fig

A perfume oil built around fruits. Tart green fig leaf befriends plum, coconut and sandalwood to create a greenish, paradisaical scent.


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