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Perfume oil

The benefits of Unifrom™

Perfume oil, also known as fragrance oil, is a highly concentrated alternative to traditional eau de parfum sprays that contains no alcohol.

Spray perfumes often leave behind strong trails, creating an illusion of heightened intensity. However, the alcohol content in these sprays can be dehydrating, causing the scent to fade quickly on the skin.

In contrast, perfume oil has a moisturizing effect, allowing the fragrance to linger on the skin for an extended period. Rather than leaving a conspicuous trail, the scent subtly emanates through body heat.

Using perfume oil provides greater precision, as it doesn't dissipate into the air like spray perfumes. This means that even a small quantity of perfume oil can produce a potent fragrance, giving you better control over the desired scent strength. Embrace the long-lasting and nuanced allure of perfume oil for a more captivating experience.


Unlike traditional alcoholic perfumes, our perfume oils are completely alcohol-free, providing a unique and captivating fragrance experience.

Alcoholic perfumes often boast a strong initial scent, but the allure quickly fades away. In contrast, our perfume oils offer a more intimate and personal scent that beautifully clings to the skin, ensuring a longer-lasting fragrance experience.

Portable design


Compact and portable, this perfume oil is designed for a active lifestyle, ensuring you always have a touch of captivating fragrance at your fingertips. Its travel-friendly size fits effortlessly in your bag, pocket, or purse ready to elevate your presence and leave a lasting impression on those around you.

Made in Grasse

Made in Grasse

All of Unifrom™ fragrances are created and produced by experts in France under the best conditions. Our manufacturing plant is situated in Grasse, the heart of perfumery.

Skin friendly

Skin Friendly

Our perfume oils are gentler on the skin, unlike alcoholic perfumes, which can leave the skin feeling drier afterwards. This makes perfume oil a better option. They smell great and harmonize well with your skin to create a unique scent.

How to use


The screw cap is designed to tightly seal the bottle and preserve the oil. To open, gently unscrew the cap from the top instead of pulling it.


Apply the rollerball directly on your pulse points, such as the inside of your wrists or your neck, and gently make small circular motions.


Next, take a small amount of oil on each wrist and massage it in. Don't worry about "breaking the molecule" as this does not apply to oil-based fragrances.


Allow your body to absorb the perfume oil and enjoy the long-lasting fragrance experience.

Product Care

For optimal results, keep your Unifrom™ fragrance away from direct sunlight and store it at regular room temperature. Avoid exposing the bottle to extreme temperatures. Your Unifrom™ can be used up to one year after the first use, ensuring a delightful and enduring fragrance experience.


Vegan. All of our perfume oils are vegan. None of the ingredients used in our products, or during their development process, come from or have been tested on animals.


When applying our perfumes from the compact roll-on stick, you can reach and perfume all parts of your body. Unifrom™ allows you to scent yourself with precision, for a more intimate perfuming experience for you and those closest to you.

Skin Friendly

Our fragrances are oil-based and tend to be gentler on the skin, in contrast to alcohol-based perfumes, which can leave the skin drier afterwards. This makes oil-based perfumes a better option. Oil-based perfumes are generally referred to as skin scents. They smell great and harmonize beautifully with your skin, giving a unique scent.


With an oil-based perfume, you exude a more subtle and sophisticated impression, making Unifrom™'s perfume oils perfect for any occasion. Instead of evaporating quickly, the scent adheres to your skin, ensuring it lasts throughout the day.


Our perfume oils are meticulously extracted from a variety of natural sources, including plants, flowers, balsams, and resins. These precious botanical essences are skillfully blended with other aromatic compounds to craft our perfume oils. During this process, synthetic aromatic compounds are incorporated to enhance and stabilize the composition, resulting in a perfume of quality and longevity.

Friend to your wallet

Our perfume oils boast have a long-lasting quality, requiring only a small amount with each application to envelop you in an alluring scent. Thanks to this efficiency, you can rely on Unifrom™ to be a budget-friendly choice, making it a true friend to your wallet.