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About Unifrom™

Far away from the french botanical garden lies a different reference for luxury perfume, namely the universal scent of stairwells in high-rise buildings. Unifrom™ is born out of the diverse neighborhoods where Haisam Mohammed found his inspiration. It was the stairwells specifically that evoked his curiosity for fragrance. Neighbors burning incense, mixing spices, or cooking food created an elusive space – with new olfactory accords constantly emerging and transforming.

Unifrom™ is a perfume house with an experimental approach to fragrance. The brand aims to challenge the contemporary obsession with spray and invite to new perfume formats and experiences. Since its inception, Unifrom™ has introduced a line of premium perfume oils, solid perfume, scented candles, and incense sticks as well as their interpretation of an incense holder – an Ashtray.